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Somerset Collection

Historic Somerset county, known as the “Jewel of the Southwest”, has some of the most stunning towns and villages in England. These towns and villages are still adorned with copper gaslighting. Lanterns similar to the Somerset lantern can be seen throughout this part of England.

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The Somerset Collection is a stunning lantern design offered in 4 sizes. Available as a Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount, and with Post and Pier Mounts.

Sizes & Basic Specifications







9" x 20"


Single Burner

2-60W Candles


10" x23"

11 1/2"

Single Burner

2-60W Candles


12" x 26 1/2"

13 1/2"

Single Burner

3-60W Candles


12" x 32"

13 1/2"

Single Burner

3-60W Candles

Line Drawings

Somerset 20        Somerset 22        Somerset 26        Somerset 32 

Installation Instructions

Important Information to Read Before Installation of The CopperSmith Lanterns

>> For Wall Mount gas lanterns, the gas line will come directly out of the bottom at a 90-degree angle straight into the wall.

>> Pier Mount and Post Fitter lanterns will have a valve that comes straight from the bottom of the lantern into the column or post.

>> Classic Yoke mount lanterns will have a gas line that runs through the lantern, clipped to the inside of the yoke, and up through the down rod.

>> The gas line does not come out of the mount or back-plate. Please use 1/4″ flexible copper tubing. Always check before roughing in your gas line for installation as position changes with the type of mount.

>> For electric lights and gas lanterns with electronic igniters, the wiring will come out of the back-plate indicated on the drawing.

>> All electronic igniters operate on 120V.

>> All-electric lanterns will have a black tube that encases the wiring from the bottom of the lantern to the mount or back-plate. This does not include any lantern with a Turtle Light Adapter.

>> The mounting plate for all standard wall mount lanterns is 5”(H) x 6”(W) x 1“(D).

>> Flush Mount (direct to the wall without a backplate) lanterns have one hole in the back that will be used to mount.

>> Do not mount to any flammable or heat-sensitive materials.